Yacht Charter in CORTEZ SEA

You can rent these boats in CORTEZ SEA

  • Sail catamaran Lagoon 45 F
    Port of La Paz
    Capacity: 10 pax, 10 to sleep
    Cabins: 4
    Year: 2015
  • Sail catamaran Bali 4.5
    Port of La Paz
    Capacity: 10 pax, 10 to sleep
    Cabins: 4
    Year: 2016
  • Sail catamaran Nautitech 46
    Port of La Paz
    Capacity: 10 pax, 8 to sleep
    Cabins: 8
    Year: 2017

  • Motoryacht Sunseeker Yacht 105
    Port of Cabo San Lucas
    Capacity: 10 pax, 10 to sleep
    Cabins: 5
    Year: 2002
  • Motoryacht Sunseeker Yacht 30M
    Port of Cabo San Lucas
    Capacity: 8 pax, 8 to sleep
    Cabins: 4
    Year: 2010

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La Paz The Sea Of Cortez
Jacques Cousteau called it the aquarium of the world and not for less, the biodiversity of the down California is unmatched for holydays at the sea.  The deep blue of the sea unites with the golden sand where native cactus and palm trees offer an exotic and peculiar vision. A few meters from the shore are dolphins, stingrays and a few miles from the coast the whales dazzle the sailors with their dances and songs.
The landscape is amazing, large cliffs of reddish limestone bordering the desert, and the turquoise blue of the sea short of breath, this desert paradise is famous for its clear water, dozens of remote coves, islets where to anchor with our charter boat and you can say hello to the friendly sea wolves, welcome to exclusivity, welcome to pure nature, welcome to Mexico!
Your boat charter trip will begin in La Paz, Baja California. A modern, exclusive marina and surrounded by a golf in the desert will welcome you, while you set aboard your yacht rental in the Sea of ​​Cortez, you can take a walk by the small coastal town of La Paz, and taste a fresh fish ceviche or the numerous local dishes and fishes, La Paz was discovered by Hernán Cortez who gave the name to the sea that surrounds it.
Throughout the nautical charter week you will discover places like Balandra where you can swim and snorkel, Los Islotes and swim between nice seals, Isla de Espiritu Santo, San Francisco Island where there are plenty of garden eels and some other fox shark, so many unknown names of massive tourism and secrets saved by the lucky ones who choose to spend holydays on board of a charter boat, in the sea of ​​Cortez.

We personally know the destinations and boats we offer for charter, we want to be different and to do so from OCEAN DREAMS CHARTER, and we are dedicated in winter to visit and evaluate dreamy places where you can choose a selection of charter boats we offer in our exclusive destination, this allows us to share experience, select carefully the boats we offer and to provide the most high quality standard and security
Recommended itinerary 6 days:
Day 1: La Paz - Balandra
Day 2: Espíritu Santo -  Isla partida
Day 3: San Francisco Island
Day 4: Isla San Francisco - Isla de lobos - Bahía Amor Tajada
Day 5: Coyote Island - Punta San Evaristo
Day 6: Isla partida  - Bahía de La Paz